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Jan 3 2013, 12:20 AM
I am no Ejami fan at all, but even trying to be objective through my lack of fanbasedom (if possible), I couldn't tolerate those last few beats (well, i didn't like any of it, but the last few minutes were esp bewildering). I do actually like EJ when he is allowed to be a smooth-talking glib badboy (and away from Sami, please), so this was upsetting. EJ is not and never should be a blithering rom com schmoop, and that is what it looked like for me. Only for Sami to daydream flashback to her kiss with Rafe, immediately after kissing EJ? Is this not a frustrating mess? Sami's being torn has long ceased to be any sort of compelling story line imo. And honestly when Ejami speak, I kind of check out. It just sounds like hushed whispers spouting inane dialogue (how many times will Sami say EJ has changed?) Sami is not sparkling, and EJ is barely breathing. At least his little spatty moments with Nicole were more entertaining. Nicole was full of sparkle to me, while Sami just seems so dull in comparison. I never thought I would say that about her.

I liked the Wilson scene at the end, even though I haven't been that paring's biggest cheerleader. Something about Sonny's resolution - as sweet as it was - also rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it sounded sort of manipulative? Bah I dunno - still a cute scene.

Bristen and Jarlena should be on for a whole episode if possible. Oh Kristen's deranged smile at the end, observing the Black men fighting over her (not in that way, but still). I felt like a junior high schooler all over again, unable to wait to catch my 90s soapy goodness. Hooray.
i toally get your point it probaly because last year will still have not admit he is gay so when you see that sonny make will fall inlove with him you got 2 impressions
that so sweet and for sonny wait for will so lovg and the other that is manipulative and rub the wrong way to evething sonny did for will if it was only to get him

tomlin did same in 2009 rafe told sami he want for the start i do not remember the line exactly i remember some people impression of that was ewwwww rafe wanted sami when she was carring some else chlid
it depend how you look at it
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