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I'm not going to watch it because I'm already beyond pissed that my Phloe baby is being retconned into a Jonas. For FREAKING DANNIFER ANGST.

What a waste of Nadia and Chloe, and what a waste of the last few years of storytelling. What a waste to have a major revelation when Philip isn't even onscreen to react to it. What a crappy thing to do to Philip (AGAIN, for the third time. I mean, at this point Philip's lost more children than even Nicole has). If Tomlin wanted us to know that he pees his pants for Danloe and how much he hates Philip (and given the way Jay cleared out his dressing room the last time Tomlin was in charge, I think we know the feeling is mutual), well, mission totally accomplished. I may not have enjoyed Higley, but at least she liked Philip and Phloe and wasn't actively out to destroy them the way Tomsell is.

Why is this show being demolished brick by brick for Daniel Jonas?

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