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Jan 2 2013, 03:40 PM
When Sami told Ej he has changed all I could think was 'yes he has, into a clown'. Not only does he look like one with that ill fitting bow tie the guy comes across desperate. Yes it was fitting for him to set up a private catered dinner but the scene lacked sexiness. He's lost his edge to play this sappy version and it's downright depressing. Whatever chemistry Sami and Ej may have had is long gone and no amount of candles and close-up staring is going to change that when the characters flop.

I think it's stupid that they have Sami kissing back and forth with these men. She's not a confused teenager confronted with love for the first time. She comes across as a selfish player with no regard for the feelings of the men she's supposedly torn over. If they want her to be a conniving bitch enjoying the attention of as many men as she can gather then write her full out that way. This is just a joke and not entertaining in the least.

Kristen, Marlena, John and Brady!!! Love it all! The fight was awesome and Kristen smirking in the back ground the perfect touch. I hope they can keep up the excitement of this story because I'm enjoying it immensely.

I agree with Rafe and Nicole's friendship being a fun touch to the show. I like it hasn't even whispered romance between them to muck it up.

I agree that Nick is extreme, but what he said to Will was right on. Will agreed to this situation and if now he wants to change it then claim the child and let the chips fall where they may.

I agree with pretty much all of this. It's pathetic...Sami and Jennifer have to be the 2 worst written women on the show. If you're going to have these teenager-y type romances then put YOUNG actors in these roles. It's total crap. And Sami kissing EJ then Rafe then EJ again was just GROSS. Sami kissing ANYONE is gross, IMO, but this was completely puke-worthy.

Kristen and Jarlena are what's keeping me hanging on.

And while I still couldn't give a crap about the Hernandi...I think he shows more signs of life in his friendship with Nicole than he has...ever. There were a few moments with Carrie where he did too before they screwed the pooch on that one.

I still just think Nick is a douchebag. But he's kind of supposed to be a douchebag so I guess it works. I dunno. I like that Will finally confronted him instead of just being cowed the way he has been. I want spunky, asshole Will back lol
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