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Jan 3 2013, 04:04 PM
Jan 3 2013, 03:48 PM
I can't say because I don't know...but why would DAYS be clamoring for Carly? For Mel's exit? Dannifer angst? Ick. I mean, in my opinion, her last stint was a total waste. There could have been some real drama between Carly & Vivian and we got WTFery of all kinds. Although I do thank CC for giving me a lot of laughter during that time...(drugged out, grabbing Justin's face, snorting lines of pixie sticks the size of a frigging table, etc.) lol And I don't understand the need to dedicate a chapter to trashing one of your former co-stars either. Why burn bridges like that (that is IF KA even has the kind of pull she is credited with having). It seems like a really silly and childish thing to do. I mean, for all I know KA could be a total bitch, but it's kind of in poor taste to write that shit about someone who you could (potentially, though I doubt it now) be working with again. But whatever works. Hope she sells a lot of books or whatever lol
it probably wasn't Days that wanted CC back, but Tomlin himself.
yep thay only thing i know for sure it true

Tomlin try to get back while that year alone they fire 4 actors that they were need for the story and yet tomlin carly is need

tomlin for sure had his pets
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