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So, basically...every problem she had at Days during her last stint can be laid at someone ELSE's feet? None of it would be her responsibility? She blames Kristian, but takes nothing on HER shoulders for the way things stood?

Sure. She said she didn't react well, et cetera, et cetera...and she says she takes responsibility, but I've seen little to indicate she actually does. This is basic mud-slinging toward kristian and pointing the finger at others.

I would love to hear what kristian and other days co-stars would have to say in response, but they probably won't engage in a petty public reaction.

She deflected all blame for twitter gate, remember?

She wouldn't be honest about it...wouldn't take responsibility for her part in that mess...and this sounds like more of the same.

I don't know what kristian is really like, but I've heard all kinds of things about crystal's behavior for years, and twittergate and her response afterward were enlightening as well.

She lost all credibility in my eyes a long time ago.
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