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Jan 3 2013, 08:37 PM
Jan 3 2013, 08:32 PM
The latest SOD has an article about Chloe's return to Salem.

According to Shawn Christian, Chloe informs Daniel there was a mix-up with Parker's paternity test, and he is actually Daniel's son. Daniel is concerned for Parker, so he wants to make sure it's true.

At the same time, Stephanie calls Kayla and confirms the news. She faxes a document to Kayla who then takes the proof to Daniel.

Daniel and Chloe return to the Kiriakis mansion where Daniel is reunited with Parker. According to Christian, "Daniel has a lot of information to process, but once he embraces the fact that Parker is indeed his son, he's living moment to moment. For the last two years, Parker has grown up with another father. He doesn't really know Daniel, so Daniel has to take his cue from Parker and try to form a genuine bond with his son."

Chloe informs Daniel that she is staying in Salem, and Daniel is elated.

For all the details, pick up the latest issue of SOD.
Did Tomsell watch the show during the switch? Are they aware of what actually happened?

Stephanie had zero (ZERO) involvement with the actual switch. Grandma Caroline took care of everything for her. Stephanie WANTED Daniel to be the father. Because then Philip would stay with Melanie, leaving Nathan free to be with Stephanie. If Stephanie had messed with/altered the report in any way, it would have said that Daniel was the father, it all would have stayed hidden, and nobody would have been the wiser. That was Stephanie's plan, until Caroline beat her to it. There's no document that Stephanie can fax. And I find it hard to believe that Stephanie basically sat on this information for the last two years just because.

But TFP, lysie. Even if the story is incredibly retconned and stupid.

Are these idiots EVER aware of how a previous storyline went? :drunk: I'm really not getting the Stephanie blurb in this at all??
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