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Jan 3 2013, 10:11 PM
I'm in the "shut off the brain and go with it" mode. I don't mind John leaving. I'm chalking it up to a combo of being upset that Marlena didn't tell him and feeling like an idiot and (like his son) blaming somebody else. As long as Marlena doesn't grovel, I'm good with it. And the possibilty of Kristen gloating just makes it better.

As for Sami suddenly being a J&M supporter, I'm actually okay with that too. Primarily because it's way past time for her to drop that crap. Maybe it's "out of character" but it's an aspect of her character that grew tiresome about 15 years ago so I'll chalk it up to the writers making an unintentional positive change for once.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure she's going to grovel, but maybe I'll be wrong. I'd still rather she be the one to leave, though.

I don't think it's out of character for Tomlin's Sami. Vehemently hating John/Marlena is a JER/MarDar thing.
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