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Good episode today!

I really, really, really hope the writers don't kill Maxie and Lulu's friendship. I hope the writers aren't going where it looks like they're going.

I am all over Todd and Carly. They are smokin' hot! I know Carly will take a dim view of Todd's role with the Johnny/Connie thing, but I hope they'll reunite down the road.

Totally sick of Britt. I really thought I liked Sabrina and Patrick, but their almost kiss was sooooooo awkward. I guess it was supposed to be, though. This whole storyine needs to speed up or end; it's kind of dragging.

So glad Johnny's secret is out. Any storyline that involves Starr automatically annoys me. Gah. I hope she gets mad at Todd and goes back to Llanview now that she will know Todd kept Cole and Hope's killer from her.
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