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Jan 3 2013, 08:55 PM
I'm starting to think that Nancy will get the baby, especially if Chloe dies or gets a singing job. Maybe it's because I really can't see Daniel with a kid in tow. It would cramp his style. He was sort of okay with a grown-up daughter he could fawn over (almost literally), but a two-year-old? He's too self-centered for that. And, frankly, these days, so is Jennifer. She hasn't taken an interest in her own children and barely noticed Nicole was carrying a baby. She's just not giving off a motherly vibe at all any more.

Besides, dead-ending Dannifer into raising a baby just doesn't seem like the kind of thing Tomlin would do to his pet Daniel, even if he is trying to mold him into the next Tom Horton.

And if they do end up with the baby, then what? I guess they could just incorporate it into their little snow globe world of perfection and have scene after scene of sickeningly sweet nose-rubbing, hair tousling scenes with a toddler, but that would require them to actually focus on something or someone besides each other. Not seeing it.

Awe, if anything were to happen to Chloe, I would LOVE for Nancy to end up with her little grandbaby! I would take that over seeing Dannifer raise a baby ANY day!
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