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Jan 3 2013, 11:22 AM
I'm not thrilled about the paternity change for many reasons but the main reason is the lack of Philip. The person losing a child is the one with the real story.
That's part of it, not to mention that we have the big reveal of the truth happen offscreen. It's like the writers deliberately suck out the drama from their own stories.

Why couldn't Philip come visit Salem with Parker and there be an accident that reveals Philip isn't the baby's father? Chloe could rush into town just in time for the truth to come out. People would freak out. Accusations would fly. There would be a mystery about how Caroline switched the tests, but didn't switch them. Chloe and Daniel would be stunned. Victor would have to deal with his godson's gain versus his son's loss -- with the added complication that his godson is his wife's son. Philip could have a short arc before he leaves, despondent over what happened.

Instead, it's "Hi Daniel. You're Parker's daddy. It's a miracle."

And why? Daniel treated Chloe like sh*t before she left. Why would she be happy at the news?
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