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Jan 4 2013, 12:50 AM
Jan 4 2013, 12:46 AM
Tyrone & Kirsty aren't married. That's the big problem. That means he's not Ruby's legal father & she's holding that over his head because if he says anything to anyone about her abuse, she'll disappear with the baby & he can't do anything. The plan has been for him to marry her so that he can legally become the baby's father and then take her away from her.
Yeah she didn't put his name down on the birth certificate, but... can't he just get a DNA/Paternity test done? :shrug: It would prevent her from taking off with their child
I think there are different legalities involved beyond a simple DNA test. lol I know that at one time in the US (and still in some places, I'm certain), a woman's husband was automatically legally her child's father if the child was born during their marriage even if it was proven the father was someone else because the legitimate father's rights to the child (the husband) automatically trumped the biological father's rights to the child.
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