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Rafe/Nicole banter was fun. Laughed out loud at Nicole's "school bus fire" line...that's what she said, right? Always has a way with words, that one.

Sami looked cute today. What a relief. I was starting to get worried. Not sure about her shocked-and-horrified routine when she found out about Bristen, though. Stepbro's just following her lead with E.J. I do however enjoy watching Sami self-righteously tear into someone. She wears her self-righteousness so well.

Kristen continues playing Brady like a fiddle, hitting all the right notes...but that's not hard to do since he only seems to have two brain cells to rub together. I continue to be astounded by his eager willingness to forsake his entire family for a woman he's been slipping the sausage to for a few weeks. The bonds of family (and friendship) usually only matter on this show when they're convenient for a storyline so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised, but Brady...he takes lacking heart and soul to new lows.

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