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Jan 3 2013, 08:40 PM
The latest SOD has an article in it about John and Marlena.

At the beginning of the week, John demands to know if Marlena deliberately kept Brady and Kristen's relationships a secret from him. Marlena attempts to defend herself and explains that she was trying to protect him while also hoping Brady and Kristen's affair wouldn't escalate. John is upset because he believes they are now too deep into the relationship.

Marlena's decision to keep quiet also presents another problem to John and Marlena's marriage. Drake Hogestyn says, "It creates a dilemma about trust. When Marlena didn't confide in John that there was a situation going on with his son, she wasn't being honest with him. Marlena is the one person that John has always counted on. She is the only person that he has had total, unshakable trust in."

Meanwhile, Sami tries to make Brady see how he is betraying John and Marlena. Brady stands his ground and leaves the hospital with Kristen. Sami heads to John and Marlena's and interrupts their tense standoff. Sami is anxious to help them protect Brady, but she picks up on the tension between the couple. She becomes alarmed when she realizes John is poised to leave her mother. She protests and insists that they need to stay together to work things out.

John asserts that he needs time away from his wife and checks into a hotel. Says Hogestyn, "John needs time alone to reflect on the situation. Right now, everything that John has believed in his life, the life he knows, has been shaken to the core."

Pick up the latest SOD for all the details.
Why Sami? For fuck's sake, she never gave a SHIT about John & Marlena before. It would make so much more sense if Eric reacted that way. UGH> The one storyline I am enjoying and they have to insert that Cunt-Beast right in the middle of it.

And John shouldn't be walking out on Marlena...they should be teaming up and standing stronger than ever to fight their common enemy.

(Thanks for posting tho)
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