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Brady is so much more enjoyable when he's being a douche. And he made Eric enjoyable for the first time since his return for me by being a douche to him. lol

Marlena and Kristen are still the greatest.

Sami...Oh, man....I couldn't take my eyes off of her HORRID outfit and hair!!!!! LMFAO!!! I LOVE WHEN THE SWEEN LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!!!! (which is almost always but it was EXTRAORDINARY , like on par with the Cunt-zoo look) in this episode. Hahahahahaha And her acting was shittier and stompier and clompier than ever so it just all worked for me LOL If I have to see the bitch then let her be this over the top, ugly hot mess so I can get a laugh out of it.

EJ sucks.

Nicole and Rafe, whicle I'm ok with their friendship...I agree...Nicole shouldn't be a SAFE cheerleader. It's stupid. I kind of wish nicole would work Rafe over to make SlamPig jealous or something...I dunno...I need devious, drunk Nicole. And while Rafe is more tolerable in scenes with her normally...He went back to smug fugly a lot today.

And lastly...Stefano *sigh* I hope you'll be back in Salem soon....

Also...I can't wait for Victor to unleash on Brady in all this. Maggie-free Victor, por favor...
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