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My reaction to current Y&R ...

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Jan 4 2013, 07:06 AM
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I just felt like this could have been a differently told story than the usual "have an affair when things go wrong". A year ago when she first hit him and explained her childhood (with the abusive father), he took her to the clinic to get some professional help. She left, he found out and was disappointed, but the writers never followed up on it. I just see Kirsty as someone who is not a one dimensional villain. I wish the writers would have gone down the route of getting her help, and YES have the abused victim get her help.
This is the one interesting aspect to the reverse domestic abuse storyline, the reactions of people.

Under no circumstances would someone tell a woman to stay with a man who beats him to change him. But because it's a woman doing the beating, the man should be her saviour. Facinating ...
Thank you for pointing that fascinating take on this situation, Drew.

Kristy just slammed Tyrone's hand in a door.
Yet, she just needs "anger management courses" and for him to seek out counseling for an abuser who doesn't want it herself?!

Between this storyline and the so-called EPIC tale of Stendan domestic violence, I think no more UK based soaps should try and write storylines on the topic, because the excuses I keep seeing from viewers have my head spinning.

Is it really ONLY seen as abuse, when it's a man beating up a woman?
Do not twist my words, I mentioned getting her help after the FIRST incident a year ago. That first incident when she slapped him, he could have left her. But guess what, Corrie actually wrote it in that Ty was going to get Kirsty help. I know that it's progressed over the past year leading to the door slam and the pipe hitting, but it didn't have to come to that had he just left her or she had gotten some serious help.

Yes, people who abuse others can actually get help and can actually change. Shocking thought isn't it? :eyeroll:
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