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Just finished the last episode. I won't spoil it for Casey, but I absolutely loved it. It was a great sendoff for everyone and I liked where they all ended up. The only thing is that I wish we would have at least gotten guest appearances from Billy, Alison, Jake, Jo...any of the still living characters. For example, I think it would have been great for Billy or Alison to have made an appearance at you-kn0w-who's "funeral". Or I would have even loved a montage of the best moments from the show. Still, I would give the finale a solid A.

I'm so sad that I am done with it!!! It seems so hard to believe when I think about how the show changed over time and how event after event just kept happening for SEVEN SEASONS. *sigh* Guess I'll move on to "Dynasty" now...

Thanks Melrose Place for providing such wonderful entertainment. Even in its weak spots, I would still rank it as one of the best primetime soaps ever.
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