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As a previous poster alluded to, IF Chloe were making the whole thing up*, that could potentially be a pretty interesting storyline...but I doubt that anything like that will actually take place.

*(In my vision of this hypothetical storyline, Chloe and Stephanie would have met off-screen at some point and devised a mutually beneficial scheme -- they would "change" Parker's paternity so that Chloe could win back the so-called "love of her life", Daniel, and Stephanie could swoop in to "comfort" Philip in his time of need, making him fall in love with her in the process. Each woman would get what they apparently want out of the situation. Or, alternatively, Stephanie's motivation might simply be revenge -- perhaps she blames Philip for costing her Nathan, or some similar brand of nonsense.

I hated Hennig's Stephanie -- it had nothing to do with the actress, but the character was turned into a pathetic, needy, manipulative person who didn't deserve to call herself Kayla and Patch's daughter -- but that Stephanie was definitely capable of concocting such a scheme. And yes, it'd further trash Chloe's character, since she'd be the "villain" and her scheme would inevitably be exposed, but it'd still be more interesting than just saying, "Oops! Never trust an old person to properly manipulate a paternity test, right? Lesson learned!"

Hell, they could even go all-out with the craziness and have Caroline be a willing accomplice in the scheme, since she's previously been shown to be willing to do anything for Stephanie. And Ian [no, not that Ian] could be involved, once again playing the role of the guy who can't get the girl to fall in love with him, despite the fact that he's attractive, smart, has a decent body, and actually wants her -- because why not make it look as much like 2010 as possible, right?)
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