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Jan 4 2013, 05:24 PM
Jan 4 2013, 01:27 PM
I physically bounce when she comes on screen. Watching ED this past week prompted me to go on a youtube binge of the John/Kristen storyline... HOW did I not realize her bitchy greatness before? HOW?
Obviously you haven't read any of my posts over the last 14 years or you would've known what a fabulous bitch she is, LoL. I've been shouting it from the rooftops for years!

Meanwhile, here are some of the best Kristen clips from ED's first run that you might enjoy. The first spoiler tag has the clips embedded, the second spoiler tag just has the links.

While I certainly don't know the whole backstory, it surprised the hell out of me to learn how John HOUNDED Kristen when she first came into town. I really can't blame her for losing it if he really dropped her for Marlena after that.
It didn't happen quite like that. John didn't leave Kristen until after he found out everything she had done, but he did keep it a secret that he was still in love with Marlena and was basically using Kristen as a placeholder. It wasn't until Aremid when John's feelings for Marlena really became apparent, when Kristen doubted his innocence (Tony committed suicide and framed John for his "murder") and Marlena stood by his side through the trial. That was when he wrote the letter confessing his love for Marlena, which Kristen intercepted and kept from her. By that time, Kristen was pregnant and she wasn't willing to give up John, so she helped Stefano kidnap Marlena to get her out of the picture, and later she faked her pregnancy after having a miscarriage. She also helped her brother Peter fake his death and frame Jack for his "murder." When Marlena discovered the truth about everything (including the fact that the baby Kristen was passing off as hers and John's belonged to someone else), Kristen locked her in the secret room to keep her quiet. It wasn't until after Marlena was rescued that Kristen was exposed (on her wedding day, no less) and John left her.
Haha I think I was always too preoccupied loving Kate. You were right all along, Kristen is what soaps are made of! It's a lot to hunt down old storylines online so thank you for posting those links.

Reading through your summary (yikes!), it's clear Kristen is no angel. Bottom line, I can understand why she's bitter towards John after she was SO reluctant to get involved with him on day one.

Side note, since I'm pretty superficial, ED has been looking INSANE lately. She's definitely has strong features, but still very dainty and feminine. Plus, her body. I mean, come on. If I was Brady I'd probably have goo for brains, too.
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