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Those kids look cute, I hope that they're a bit more personable than the current girls.

As for the possibility that Nicole has 2 zombie babies out there, if they do come back they'd better bring Zombie Pookie with them.
Well their grandfather Stefano has been know to come back from dead once or twice or thrice.
I find his ability to come back to life more 'believable' than 2 dead fetuses doing the same, but this is Days so who knows? As I say this, I'm aware of the history of Chelsea Brady, so if Days chooses to bring back more swamp/zombie babies they'll find a way to do it. I'm sure if it comes to that, it will occur when Sami and EJ are on the verge of yet another almost reunion, as a form of angst for them.
We'd have to get a hint first that Sami's in love with EJ. Although I don't know why a child between Ejole would be angst for Ejami when Nicole didn't want anything to do with EJ when she was carrying his son.
I believe the big reason in bringing back Georgia/Chelsea was to put a kink in the Bope relationship via Bo's child with Billie, and I'm thinking that causing angst for Dannifer is the main reason that Parker's paternity has been changed to Dan. Nicole's main purpose since her return 5 years ago has been to cause some sort of strife for EJami and I would expect any returning children she had with EJ to do the same.
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