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Jan 5 2013, 02:26 AM
GR and EH's tweets to each other about their scenes yesterday. Gag me...

Lizhendrickson ‏@Theehendrickson
@gregrikaart we were pretty damn cute today on y&r air show. If I don't say so myself. Love when we can really do our thing and shine:)

Greg Rikaart ‏@gregrikaart
@Theehendrickson Sweet! I can't wait to see it. It was so fun shooting those scenes. xx

Greg Rikaart ‏@gregrikaart
just watched @Theehendrickson. you were correct, we totally rocked those scenes. #chlovin2013

Angelica McDaniel ‏@AngelicaMcD
@gregrikaart @Theehendrickson I second that.
MM's acting doesn't compare to the actors that you listed that were better then him. I think PB is the best actor on the show and delivers his lines right to the T. I am rarely disappointed in him. YOu never hear about what a good performance he gave or him giving himself a pat on the back for his great acting. MM will never ever be half as good as PB no matter how hard he tries. He will never get rid of his arrogance and that ruins him more then his acting for me. NO, MM is not or will he ever be Mr. YnR and before we had him on the show we had just as good of a show and MM hasn't brought what he thinks to the show and never will so he needs to shut up and quit patting himself on the back. I wouldn't like him even if he was Mr. YnR .. I hate arrogant an ego maniacs so he doesn't and never will cut it with me and a lot of the fans.

WEll if GR and EH want to think they gave some great scenes they can think that all they want but me and the audience know their scenes are not funny, show no great acting an I have seen better performances at a high school play.

GR is so gay and him playing the lover is sickening and he will never be like CLB who is also gay and plays the part of a good male lover an romantic. GR is laughable in that catagory because his gayness and him acting so wimpy shows thru in every scene. He acts like a child instead of a man.
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