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So, because the writers "never followed up" on the reasons why Tyrone never again tried to get Kristy help with her "anger management problems" (something that, IMO should never have been left for him or any other victim of domestic abuse in the first place), then the issue of the abuse still taking place is also on his shoulders?

Let's not muddy the waters of associating one incident of violent behavior with REPEATED ACTS of violent domestic abuse, because you happen to see the abusive character as more than "one dimensional".

Again, Kristy IS NOT the victim in this situation and if SHE wanted help, she could have sought it out on her own. I just find it absurd that because the SHOW didn't take the time to "follow up" on the therapy that the violent abuser should have sought out, that it's perceived as the victim's fault for not "making" that abuser go for therapy.

Oh, I do realise that some domestic abusers can and do seek out therapy to change their behaviour. Here's the point that's important: They seek out the help. They don't wait or assume that their victim is going to take it upon themselves to get their abuser help. Yes, it is television, but shouldn't we be smarter to just say that "it's just television"?

Yet on this soap AND another UK based soap, the abusers in the current storylines never actually follow through on it OR they only seek out one or two sessions.

Hopefully, the writers for Kristy and Tyrone won't have religious figures, dying children and/or Try one's close friends/siblings saying that Kirsty's "changed" due to what they feel deep down inside.
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