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Jan 4 2013, 03:54 PM
Jan 4 2013, 01:22 PM
I'm still trying to figure out why TomSell are putting Jennifer back in the hospital again. Why now? And why have such a lame reason (rushing to meet Daniel and tripping)? Surely there is some significance -- even if it's contrived and plot-driven.

-- Conversely, did they want Jennifer's accident to be what tears Daniel away from his son/Chloe to go rushing off to the hospital -- thus letting us know that, in a pinch, he will choose Jennifer over them?

This one for sure. Tom would never stay with another woman if Alice was hurt.
I think the writers are desperate to make Dannifer work, and they think hurting Jennifer will win sympathy for a once sympathetic/beloved character that no longer has the same resonance. It's a combination of bad storylines, an actress that has lost her sparkle and writing that turned a once strong and ethical character into a weak, simpering, judgmental, selfish bore. Insta baby and multiple injuries won't make Dannifer rootable given the history and Jack's recent demise. Certainly, making a beloved character like Chloe the bad guy won't.

Having Jennifer get hurt again only highlights that the character is not what she once was. And I really loved old school Jack and Jennifer.
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