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Jan 5 2013, 11:54 AM
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She was in jail for a hot minute. Had she stolen my kid, she'd be 6 feet under.

And the grief sex was not deliberate or done deliberately. It was just a crazy thing that happened between two people grieving.

Had Nicole had a brain in her head, she would have FORGIVEN him and maybe celebrating the new year with EJ their child right now.

Instead, she's stuck in a convent playing footsie with Eric, playing besties with Rafe and pining for the Man who's Tan.
And the really sad thing is that as ridiculous as EJ has become I honestly believe Nicole is better off. Especially when it comes to playing footsie with Eric.
And if Nicole fans want her to have a man, then EJ does not even come close to qualifying. He is an insecure, traumatized little boy who feels he needs to be punished all the time by the woman he thinks should love him above all others (mommy issues).
I don't think that EJ is insecure nor that he feels he "needs to be punished all the time by the woman he thinks should love him above all others". It was clear from the beginning that EJ loves Sami.. He just doesn't know what to do with this love. I also believe that Nicole or anyone else never were even close to that. He only tried to move on with Nicole because Sami wasn't available for him.

Yes he grew up without a mother but I think he turns out ok since he has a father like Stefano. This is, of course, my opinion.
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