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I'm going to assume AMC will debut first.

I do think it's interesting that maybe the AMC cast is more interested now as in more time has passed while OLTLers may not be as sold because of how burned they were last time. Or they might just not have approached any OLTLers. Not even rumors. Just an EP and rumors of them wanting John, Todd and Starr. I can see Erika and Kassie, who jumped last time, to be more hesitatant this time (I'd assume they would be some of the first if not THE first approached).

This isn't towards Drew at all but I don't wanna see this be a competition between the two shows. If this gets off the ground, we'll see both. They're not favoring one of the other. Last time OLTL was easier, this time AMC appears to be easier, like I said, I bet many of the OLTL cast were burned. I know if I was them I'd want to wait and see for sure, so maybe they opted to try AMC first?
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