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Jan 6 2013, 03:47 PM
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With legitimate change comes hope. TomSell wasn't a legitimate change, so there was no hope there. But someone actually different could at least make me hopeful again.
That's a fair point, I suppose. But, what constitutes legitimate change? Somebody truly new, or just another recycled failure? That's my fear. I guess, at this point anyway, I'm in the devil you know category. A month from now, I might not feel the same way.
Well, the only true recycled failure they could bring back would be MarDar. So no, I wouldn't consider that legitimate change, lol.
Or Dena. Or Hogan. Or anybody from between JER's two runs. And, just as importantly, MarDar weren't recycled failures when they were hired and they didn't work at all.

I understand the desire for better. I even understand the desire to hope for better. I think I'm just too gunshy at this point. But, like I said, that may change in a month.
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