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Jan 6 2013, 12:59 PM
Thanks for posting that, Kenny. I loved it when Carly told Hope off and agreed with every word she said there. Hope was a complete bitch to Bo when Carly came back....and Bo hadn't done anything wrong at the time. She abandoned Bo for NO reason, took his daughter away from him, and moved in with Victor. She was terrible. By the time Bo slept with Carly, I didn't really care anymore. All I knew was that Hope was a bitch.

As for KA putting the kabosh on Hope/Justin, NO actress should have that kind of power. And yeah, I believe Crystal's version of events there, because of the rapid storyline change all of the sudden. It reminds me of Sweeney demanding her pregnancy be written into the show. These DIVA actresses need to stuff it with these stunts.

KA being jealous and bitchy that Crystal is back? I completely believe it. Bo and Carly were VERY popular back in day. And once CC and PR began having scenes again, I remember they were getting positive feedback from viewers. I can see how that would dredge up massive insecurity and jealousy. The fact is, Peter Reckell absolutely has been accepted with other leading ladies other that Kristian Alfonso. Hope, though, has never had a successful pairing outside of Bo. And I don't know if she ever will.

And if Kristian has Corday by the balls, which I believe, Corday needs to tell her to stuff it. But he won't.

Anyway, with
I don't think KA has much/any power over what her storylines are. However, if actors do have some, I don't think that's a bad thing. They know their characters inside and out, whereas the writers walk through the turnstyle every few years with their own storylines in mind regardless of what happened previous to them.

However, as I say, I don't believe any actor has any kind of control over their overarching storyline in any meaningful way. Perhaps they can change a line here, a touch there, but I'd be willing to bet that's pretty much it.

KA/Hope may not have had a successful pairing outside of Bo, but they also never tried to give one to her. Larry was crazy, Franco was a criminal. I suppose Patrick is as close as it gets, but even he was always written as an interloper. And their love scene was ridiculously hot.

I'm not saying I think KA is perfect (nobody is), and yes she probably did roll her eyes at CC, and who knows if she did anything else, but I don't think the absolute truth of the situation is what's written in CC's book either.
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