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Cameron Mathison speaks out:


“I’m thrilled for ‘All My Children’ & ‘OLTL’ fans that the shows seem to b making a comeback online. Nice job guys:)”

“4 those asking, I’m not sure if I’ll be part of the new AMC. I’m lucky to be working these days, so I’m working on the scheduling:) Hope so!”

Stephanie Gatschet:
”If Prospect Park wants me, of course I’m in!!! We’ll see… #AMC.”

Farah Fath speaks out: (The actress is said to have admitted to tweeting while drinking Heineken)


“whats up everybody. strange night for me. drinking heineken..I’m also currently watching a moth die in my heineken’s condensation”


“Even though I’m tipsy, you won’t get any Prospect Park answers out of me. I’ll believe it when I see it.”


“like… why is an actor gonna sign on a line if it’s a maybe show? prove its a show, then hand me a pen. love ya!”


“prospect park>>dead moths>>>Heinkens>>>>>>>”

Sounds like if it's proven you'll have to keep the stars away from this. I doubt PP will have any trouble signing stars if they want them. Only thing apparently stopping Cameron and Alicia would be scheduling so otherwise they'd likely be on it. Interesting.
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