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Jan 4 2013, 01:22 PM
I'm still trying to figure out why TomSell are putting Jennifer back in the hospital again. Why now? And why have such a lame reason (rushing to meet Daniel and tripping)? Surely there is some significance -- even if it's contrived and plot-driven.

-- Did they need to stall for time while Daniel had his interaction with Chloe? If so, they could have just had Jennifer get a phone call or get stuck in traffic or have to change her outfit a few more times.

-- Did they want to show the contrast between Jennifer in trouble and Daniel glowing with happiness with his son and ex?

-- Did they want Jennifer to try to call Daniel only to have him not return her calls or be available? (Like when she tried to reach Jack after her heart surgery)

-- Conversely, did they want Jennifer's accident to be what tears Daniel away from his son/Chloe to go rushing off to the hospital -- thus letting us know that, in a pinch, he will choose Jennifer over them?

-- Are they gearing up for Jennifer to go psycho again -- this time over Chloe -- and they want to blame it on her bump on the head?

-- Or are they just continuing along their path of generally making Jennifer look pathetic, hapless, and weak, as they have throughout most of this third run?

I don't get it. Why this? Why now?

It's really odd. Every little while, they have Jennifer in the hospital now, and Daniel invariably comes to save her. Now, I know that there's nothing wrong with having a character in the hospital now and then...it's a soap staple. But Jennifer's been in there a LOT lately, and it's such a lame device for them to use to show how Daniel will come be at her side or whatever.

I don't know why they keep doing it to her. It doesn't make Dannifer any more palatable to me.
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