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Regarding Alison Sweeney's 20th Anniversary as Sami Brady:

Multiple reports keep stating that January 6, 1993 was the debut date for Ali as Sami. My original records indicated it is actually January 22, 1993. I just did a few extra checks to make sure I had the correct date, and it is indeed January 22, 1993 (not January 6, 1993). I just pulled the tape for 1/6/93 and looked through the episode. There's absolutely no sign of Sami (or a mystery person lurking around). I then checked the 1/22/93 episode, as per my records, and that is the episode where she makes her debut, lurking outside the Pub, and later calling (but not speaking to) Marlena's phone. Further errors on YouTube list her second episode (1/25/93) as actually being her first episode (1/22/93). YouTube is incorrect as well. I'll be uploading her actual first scenes as Sami, which no one seems to have uploaded at all on YouTube, in time for my 20th anniversary tribute to Ali. So for many Sami fans, this might be the first time you see her actual first episode as Sami. Also, I found a Soap Opera Weekly (issue 1/12/93) casting notice that states her debut episode is 1/22/93.

One can see that from many sources citing January 6 as her first airdate, the errors continue through this day! Hopefully my research efforts will finally set the record straight...her first episode was January 22, 1993!! And so her 20th anniversary will be January 22, 2013.

Not many people have spent 20 years continually on contract, so I've put a lot of effort into this tribute. Hope all the Ali/Sami fans will enjoy it when it's released later this month (lots of fun surprises in store, memorable clips, etc...), in time to celebrate her real 20th anniversary!!
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