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Jan 6 2013, 11:57 PM
Jan 6 2013, 11:41 PM
I've seen the last one at the house. There's also a chunk missing from when Roman almost shoots her and until she gets to the hospital.
I have a slow upload speed always on YouTube, so the best I can offer at the moment is the 4 scenes from her FIRST episode!!

Here's a quick recap of ALL her scenes from her first 6 episodes, so you can figure out what is or isn't missing (although I probably can't add more than just her first episode...we'll see how long those scenes take to upload).

PS: Back then, my records weren't as complete. I would only list the "general" set being used...so Roman/Marlena's House might not actually be the Living Room set, but could be a bedroom set too, as I've already seen from checking the episodes around this airdate.

T-A: Brady Pub (Kimberly, John, Samantha, Xs)
1-A: Brady Pub (Kimberly, John, Samantha, Xs)
6-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Samantha)
7-A: Roman/Marlena's House (Samantha)

T-B: Roman/Marlena's House (Samantha)
2-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Samantha)
4-B: Roman/Marlena's House (John, Samantha) (and flashback of John/Marlena)
7-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Marlena, John, Samantha, Cop # 1, Cop # 2)

T-D: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Marlena, Samantha)
1-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Marlena, Samantha)
2-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Marlena, Samantha, Bo)
3-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Marlena, Samantha, Bo, Carrie)
4-A: Roman/Marlena's House (Marlena, Samantha, Carrie)
5-B: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Samantha, Carrie)
6-B: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Marlena, Samantha)
7-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Roman, Marlena, Samantha)

T-D: Roman/Marlena's House (Marlena, Samantha, John)
1-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Marlena, Samantha, John)
3-A: Roman/Marlena's House (Marlena, Samantha, John)
4-A: Nurses' Station (Carly, Marlena, Samantha, John, Billie, Nurse Linda, Xs)
6-D: Nurses' Station & Staff Lounge (John, Samantha, Marlena, Rebecca, Carly, Lawrence, Nurse Linda, Xs) (and Intercut with Abe's Office: Roman, Xs)

T-C: Roman/Marlena's House (Marlena, Samantha)
1-B: Roman/Marlena's House (Marlena, Samantha)
3-A: Roman/Marlena's House (Marlena, Samantha)

T-A: Roman/Marlena's House (Samantha) (and Intercut: Carrie's Apartment: Carrie, Austin)
1-A: Corridor Outside Carrie's Apartment (Carrie, Austin, Samantha)
4-A: Carrie's Apartment (Carrie, Samantha)
6-A: Carrie's Apartment (Carrie, Samantha)
7-A: Carrie's Apartment (Carrie, Samantha, Austin)
I think it's the 25th and 26th that are missing that used to be available (they were poor quality anyway, and they probably went missing because of differences in who was shipping which couple). I haven't seen those scenes from the 1st either, but I may go off in search of them, lol.
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