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Dec 31 2012, 12:01 AM
And I'm hoping that they take the opportunity while they're doing this great experiment to really play with how they tell a story. If they try to do a bloated cast with the standard American soap story telling in 22 minutes this will fail. They need to really look to the success the UK and overseas have with the format. (Hollyoaks in particular as it combines the best of both worlds IMO, or Home and Away)
I agree about mirroring the format of Hollyoaks and other UK soaps. I want them to have standing outdoor sets like Hollyoaks, for regular location shooting and for the cast they need to have a good mix of original actors and new families so these shows feel fresh and also to get fresh talent on them. I don't want a half-assed continuation, I want a proper reboot. I want the tone to be more cutting edge as well. I'd LOVE stories like some of the ones I've seen on the UK soaps. I would love if they got a writer from over there to helm these shows. Bryan Kirkwood would be PERFECT for OLTL.

As for the endings, I don't worry about that too much. If the shows aren't doing well I'm sure they'll cancel them early enough that they can have proper endings. Passions filmed in advance, but they still were able to create a proper ending. I think we'll know fairly early on if this is going to be a success or a huge failure.
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