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Jan 6 2013, 08:40 PM
Jan 6 2013, 08:12 PM
Some folks really have Crystal on a pedastal, if you look at the comments in response to her book. I don't get why she would be on one. We SAW her behaving badly, and then we saw her go into deny, deny, deny mode in the hours and days following. I guess she was waiting to write her book to tell the truth so she could squeeze some money out of fans for the "true story."

Seems like a pattern, though. She admits she behaved badly during her first stint. We SAW her behave badly during her second one, too.

Does she really think everyone who was there for her first go round has amnesia? Some of the cast and crew that were there the first time are still around. They probably remember the way she behaved and weren't all that thrilled she was returning. If someone was unkind years ago behind the scenes, why would they roll out the welcome mat? Why wouldn't they be at least cautious or wary of her?

What cracks me up is when CC goes on and on about bullying and how bad it is, but then did not disagree with Nelson Branco that night when he was saying vicious things about KA and calling her anorexic. CC has proven to be a diva, a bitch, and someone who should look into getting some serious help.
Exactly. I don't think that KA is an innocent angel by any means, and I'm sure that she can be a bitch like most other actresses can be. However, her public behavior and the way she has handled this supposed feud is heads and tails better than CC, the attention whore drama queen's, behavior has been. To say the least, CC's behavior has been bizarre and the victim act comes off as BS. If I'm reading some of this right, she not only has issues with KA, she also had issues with Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman of Guiding Light? The Kim Zimmer and Robert Newman who made up supercouple Reva and Josh? Am I really supposed to believe that CC wasn't the cause of some of these problems? Because she sure acts like it was always the other party who was the problem. CC comes off as a little touched in the head and I think she should do herself a favor and shut her mouth about all of this and let it blow over. The sooner the better.
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