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Jan 7 2013, 07:50 AM
Jan 4 2013, 09:34 PM
No Hope, you got married in Italy and saw your dad, so Bil plan failed.
Katie, Brooke, Rick implode your marriage with their holier than thou attitude.
It just Hope playing her poor wittle me victim card in front of her family to garner sympathy from them, just like she did at wedding #3 or 4 at Eric/Stephanie home.

All she is doing is proving to Bill how right he was about her.
Bill was not right and what Hope is doing I would do the same thing even though I do not want her with Liam....Bill needs to get what he deserves, although his plan did not work...it almost did and for the rest of her family yes they were wrong too and she needs to go off on them to along with Steffy and Taylor who knew before Brooke and Katie and Donna and Rick did. I am not going to sugar coate something if I like a person like Steffy. Steffy and Bill has been manipulating and doing all kinds of things to hurt Hope or have we been watching the same show? HOPE GO ahead and have your day!!!! Next stop tell everyone how you feel let it all OUT!!! LOL!!!! What's right is right and wrong is wrong!!!!
Steffy and Taylor had no proof of Bill's plan.
Brooke and Katie discovered the video and thus began the lynch pin that destroyed Lope's marriage.
Hope viewed the video on her mother computer, but she did not take a golf club to her head, nor to Rick lie which proved that Liam was telling the truth.

The only person should should be welding a golf to is Allison because she began Italygate by bugging Dr. Barton office.

Hope is just playing her poor wittle me victim card in front of an audience, just like she did at Eric/Stephani house.

Hope wanted Liam to beg and plead until she was ready to forgive him. Now that Liam has move on with his life, she doesn't like it.
Hope is her own worst enemy.

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