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Jan 6 2013, 07:40 PM
Jan 6 2013, 07:29 PM
If that's true about KA nixing Justin/Hope - I want to personally thank her for that. Those two had zero chemistry. But to blame KA for Wally's lack of airtime, sorry that's not flying with me. Dena Higley could've fit him into a better storyline and she didn't.
Whether KA nixed it or not, he was still only on recurring.

My main issue with CC is the fact that she doesn't seem to recognize that Bope is kind of a big deal for Days. I'm not saying they're unbreakable. I'm saying they're kind of a big deal, and Carly was a character that was around for a few years and barely ever mentioned again. No matter what had happened during her second round, that wasn't likely to change.

It's obvious KA and CC don't like each other. We really didn't even need a book to tell us that. It appears to be quite mutual. It's just not that big of a deal. They worked together, and there was a hierarchy of power amongst the cast (and the person who's been there for 20 + years total happened to be above her). I don't like everyone I work with either. Just like my work drama doesn't seem tell-all worthy, neither does hers. Write a book when she throws something at your head, but one-up Gloria Loring and actually name the person.
WUH-AIT! Someone threw something at Gloria Loring's head?
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