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HBD-Nesta Robert Marley,February 6, 1945 BitchesBrew

Uh`SO! MM gets trashed on here, Hell he also get's hearts,flowers and Lilly's blown up his wazoo on other boards and SOC is the Actor holy grail to be adorned for all of the Soap Ages (RMFE) I hear theirs an MM appreciation thread for one of scenes every month.

If anyone knows about the history of DR board he isn't the first Actor or Actress single out to get a regular lashing by many and damn sho won't be the last not to mention the motherfucker is frontrunner right now which means he's gonna get major shade or major love depending on where your reading post.. So I don't see why it's so Hard Pressed for one board not to glorify his name Oh yes and about that don't read don't follow mantra thrown around Um`noone ain't gotta follow this fool to know when he's masturbating over his "EPIC" of Epically self, many of us have other soap follows who are fans of his and they redistribute his tweets or if your on "Get Glued" well then your going to automatically see "#YR" actors and fans tweets.
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