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I actually think both KA and CC probably act like Divas. They are both beautiful women, both on the same show, I think their personalities clashed. I Have only watched Days since Diana coville?( I can't remember her character last name sorry) was on but I think that KA was like the leading female character and most popular at the time so she was bound to be upset when CC came on and became popular rather quickly. Maybe she felt like CC was stealing her thunder? I know I would have been upset about that if I was KA. Also I give CC praise for owning up to her bitchiness. Everyone says she makes excuses for her behavior, they are not excuses, in my opinion, but things that she really went through. She was molested twice. Her first husband was in love with another woman the whole time they were married, she became rather famous in a shirt period of time, so yes, I give Her a pass for being a bitch. She apologizes for it. What more can she do? I don't know about the twitter stuff between the two so I cannot comment on that. Actually the book was good. I like a short memoir better than a long boring one. To me it was worth nine bucks.
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