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I don't like what they're doing to Trey but all of this could be a major turning point for Kate/Connie and she needs that. Cartoon Connie has been fun while she's lasted, but I can't see this working long-term without her becoming a completely dead-end character and sideshow. Some probably believe she already is. I love the camp but it needs to be balanced out with some depth.

I'll wait to see where things go with A.J., but I'd prefer him with Elizabeth and I believe there is a lot to explore there. Having him in Connie/Kate's orbit for the time being undoubtedly creates more drama for him with Sonny though. I do NOT want to see A.J. fall off the wagon. I don't want him to be a 100% good guy, but I don't want him to be a loser and a failure either. I want him to be a shades of grey character who's stronger now and still capable of underhanded things but won't repeat the same mistakes. I want him to have a relationship with Michael.
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