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I was sad not to see more of the wedding too. And the honeymoon... :$

To get that far with Matthew and Mary for the last two years and then NOT see MORE was sad. I mean Anna/Bates got a big honeymoon SEX scene, where's Matthew and Mary's!

Also, Matthew, YOU ARE BEING such as ASS about the money. Downton is going to be YOURS one day, you daft prick!

And Good Lord man, stop bringing up poor dead Lavinia. Her dad left you the money cause you ARE a GOOD man. And don't forget, he tried to leave it to two other people, but they are DEAD!

And seriously, Lavinia did not die of a broken heart or because she lost her will to live after seeing you and Mary together. She died of the Spanish flu. Lots of people did. Get over your dreamy self.

Cousin Violet still gets the best lines. Confusing Lord Grantham for a waiter cause he was in black tie vs white tails! PRICELESS!

Love Anna and Bates. Bates proved once again why he is SO BAD ASS. Love him. And Anna's determination to free him...swoon.

Daisy STILL annoys me. Ethel can die. Poor Mrs. Hughes. Come on Lady Edith, get your old man. While he can still get it up.
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