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Jan 7 2013, 01:00 PM
Jan 7 2013, 11:23 AM
Jan 7 2013, 10:43 AM
Jan 7 2013, 09:36 AM
First of all Tomlin was ep not headwriter a lot of these stories were dena higley's and some were christpher whitesell. Frankly I like the paternity angle and it is a new story because a gay angle is involved and Will knew from the beginning it was not a who's the daddy. Plus eric as the priest is new angle. And I know the kristen with brady is new so to say these are recycled stories is ridiculous. They are new angles to all of these stories. I am enjoying the new angles. You get new writers I guarantee we may go back to kristen being written off because it was not their story, Wilson being deemphasazied like with mar dar and other things. Based on last week days is on fire and I am loving it.
It's not ridiculous to say that the majority of the show has recycled stories, or stories that appeared back only two years ago, it's a fact, YOU CAN SEE IT, there is no denying it, it's playing out on screen now. I wouldn't say that the entire show has a new angle because of Kristen and Eric. They are two characters who came back and haven't been seen in over a decade. If they didn't have new stories for these two characters I'd be surprised, so it's a no brainer that the two who haven't been on forever could introduce new angles to stories, but why can't the writers do something else with the rest of the canvas? Why do they have to go back to telling the same exact stories they were telling when one was a co-hw and the other was the co-EP??

There was heavy speculation at the time (and it's sort of proven now with Dena nowhere around) that Gary Tomlin was in control of the stories via Chris Whitesell, who was the Co-HW with Dena then. There had been heavy talk of how Dena would lose control of the writing and it seemed that someone else was in control. I think we can pretty much say, that it does look like Tomlin used Whitesell as his arm into the writing department at Days, to either dictate or push his 'ideas' along. I'm not saying that Dena was not to blame for some of the crappy stories we got in 2011, but when you think about it...who green lighted those stories? Tomlin as Co-EP, Corday, The network....all of those deserve credit for how awful the show got too....and those are also the same idiots running the show now, or writing it....I am worried and if you think Days is on fire based on solely last weeks shows then we have an even bigger issue.....unless they continue to only showcase Bristen/Jarlena...everything else seemed like it was more of the same crap and just another day.
what you are saying is speculation about backstage gossip that is no proof of that. I am taking the show as is tomlin was ep. Again they are not the same stories. I do not think everything is perfect but I am enjoying the show. I am sorry that you are not. I see you are a lumi fan frankly Iwould have preferred sami with lucas too but that does not mean because one thing I want to happen did not that I am leaving the show. days is my favorite show it is the only soap that I look forward too and I look at all four shows. Eileen sighned a 5year contract and tomlin brought her on so i doubt she is going anywhere. I have looked at all the soaps and I have had favorites and my favorites have been kicked to the curb because I support soap operas. During mar dar's reign this show was getting on my nerves it is not anymore. people are connected to each other better. When will came out where was the scene with his uncle austin and aunt carrie. The wedding involves the families which is fun for me plus kristen and brady.
Who says I'm leaving the show because one thing I want isn't happening? Seriously now? You don't know me enough to make assumptions about my viewing habits just because I have an avi or signature banner, so please don't do that. I have watched this show pretty consistently since well before high school and just because my favorites aren't featured doesn't mean I don't like some aspects of what is currently playing out or that I'll leave the show if they aren't featured. I'm not saying that I haven't left the show before, I have and it was only after every character that once held me to the show little by little were written out. That isn't the case this time around, and I've never said it is...so where you are getting that from I don't know.

Also, where did you read that Eileen signed a 5 year deal? Can you please link that article as nothing I've read says anything to that effect.

Again...the show for the most part is telling the same stories that it was telling in 2010/2011. That doesn't mean that you don't enjoy it, or you can't...it just means that I don't. That's fine though, as we can express our differences here, that's what a message board is for.
I was not attacking you and I defend your right to your opinion. Ifeel as if I am getting attacked just for supporting days and the head writers. I am new but I started to post because I liked the board but I am feeling very unwelcome. I also explained my comment about leaving the show
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