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I was not attacking you and I defend your right to your opinion. Ifeel as if I am getting attacked just for supporting days and the head writers. I am new but I started to post because I liked the board but I am feeling very unwelcome. I also explained my comment about leaving the show
Sorry you're feeling unwelcome. I've seen some people support and agree with points your making, while others have taken issue with particular points or facts. It happens. People are just asking you to cite your sources, because length of contract is just one of the many things that are keenly scrutinized and followed and talked about on this board.

Anyway, I hope you stick around. You say that you "fully support this writing team," which I find intriguing, because I just find it so hard to fathom, lol! So it will be interesting to see and hear about a point of view that is so completly opposite from my own. But, writing team aside, there may be other things we can agree upon, so, like I said, I hope you feel up to posting again.
I said I did not remember and I conceded that the info may have been wrong. Also I myself said I needed evidence about tomlins major interference with higley. I know about citing sources I teach English for a living. Plus I writing an academic paper on the show at an academic conference. I did not mean everybody on the board.
The reason I can't buy that Tomlin was writing the show in 2010 is that the show is good, now. There's room for improvement, but it's leaps and bounds above Higley's work.
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