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Jan 7 2013, 07:15 PM
Jan 7 2013, 07:11 PM
See? I can't agree that the show is good now at all. It may arguably be better than Higley's era in some respects, but it's still pretty abysmal, imo.

If things seem better now, then it may be because Tomlin doesn't have himself to deal with. By that, I mean that there seemed to be tension between Higley and Tomlin during much of that time as if they were jostling for position. We heard. for example, that Tomlin was pushing his favorites, like GG. And that may not have been how Higley would have preferred it. Now, he is free to pursue his agenda-driven stories without that kind of conflict.

In addition, Higley was at least somewhat backed by Corday, but not necessarily free from network interference. This time, Tomlin seems to have the backing of the network via Bruce Evans, and Corday/Meng are relatively in a weakened position. Again, Tomlin seems to have freer reign, at least for now.

Still, with all that freedom, he hasn't done anything to bring up the ratings, which continue to bump along in a generally downward trend, and often are tied with or worse than MarDar's. He hasn't done anything stellar or exciting to improve the overall show, but rather has basically taken things back to the Higley era and is bringing those same stories back around. Of the four main stories on air now, three of them were started or ongoing under Higley: Dannifer, WilSon/Gabi, and the neverending triangle. The only real difference is the return of Kristen, and I can't give him credit for that idea, because it apparently was imposed upon him by Sony. Maybe we can credit him with the return of Eric, but that return hasn't really gone anywhere, so it's hard to tell.

Where are your sources? We heard are not sources. THere is no evidence for any of this backstage antics that you all seem to know in detail based on rumor and gossip.
LOL! Maybe I should rethink the olive branch I extended to you in my previous post.

You're right. We don't have a crystal clear picture of what happens behind the scenes. I'm basing my opinion and speculation (which is what my post was) on a hodgepodge of interview statements made by actors, producers, and executives over the last 2-3 years, as well as other sources like Dena's blog entries (some of which were subsequently deleted) and various tweets, FB postings, and press releases.

My view that the stories being aired now are basically extensions of ones started in September 2011, and that Tomlin has his favorites, isn't just my opinion, but I suppose one could argue differently.

As for my assertions about the ratings, those are more readily sourced, as the numbers are available on the internet and are posted here in another thread on this board.

Bottom line, I was disagreeing with an assertion that the show is good now -- an opinion -- by asserting my own opinion that it is not good now.

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