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Jan 7 2013, 06:03 PM
Really Jennifer? So it's Chloe's fault that Daniel slept with your brother's fiance? Last time I checked, it takes 2 to have sex. Chloe didn't force Daniel into her bed and Daniel knew damn well she was engaged and still pursued her. And Jennifer has the audacity to tell Lucas that she knows how much Daniel hurt him. She knows but she obviously doesn't care.
Third-run Jennifer is completely lacking in empathy. She pays lip service about understanding other people's pain, but until something bad actually happens to her, it doesn't register, and it certainly doesn't prevent her from chasing after whatever man she wants at the moment. Until the day she catches Daniel in bed with someone else, she's going to continue to turn a blind eye to his faults, dismiss/ignore the damage he's done to other people, and continue to rave about how he's the bestest man evah. :rolleyes: And of course, it's just so much easier to put all the blame on Jezebels like Nicole and Chloe than apportion Dr. Sleaze the degree of culpability he so richly deserves.
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