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Jan 7 2013, 08:51 PM
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Social media is not a well documented source either. That is still people's opinions and gossip. An official source is an interview with the parties involved on the record. other than that it is not a well documented source.
And many of them choose to do those interviews through social media. ;) I know what a well documented source is. That's kind of what we do.

If they did the interview through social media then it is a source but since no one can tell me where the backstage shenagians come from I personally cannot take it as a credible source. Most of social media is rumor and gossip that is why I tell my students to be careful when they use it in a formal paper. When I was writing my dissertation I had to careful as well. Like for my paper I would need a much more credible source to use it in my paper.
We're not writing papers, and most of us all read the same stuff so we don't have to cite it for one another. When someone says something we don't recognize, we ask. I'm not going back through every single interview for one person who also hasn't gone back and found for me where ED has a five year contract. The main "source" was Dena's blogs which she took down. His involvement is fact. What's not fact is how involved he was and at which points.

I do not understand your hostility towards me I simply said why I do not believe it to be credible and I said myself that i ceded the thing on eileen davidson so I do not have to source it because I said I could have been wrong. I have a right to believe something is credible or not and to give my opinion on it. If you do not agree you can say so or not respond. To me if Dena took down her blogs it must mean she knew she could get sued for defamation and that maybe all she said was not factual. If it is factual you can defend yourself.
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