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Jan 7 2013, 08:57 PM
Jan 7 2013, 08:42 PM
Jan 7 2013, 08:40 PM
I think the argument that we're seeing the same stories DH did is only true in the most shallow sense. Yes a lot of the same people that interacted in the HigSell era are interacting now, but that's generally the way all soaps work, across every regime. Back in Higley's day, it seemed like stories would frequently take turns that made no sense at all, the show would constantly force one character, or a character would descend into OTT mustache twirling evil... Everything seems a lot more balanced overall, now.
I agree that there's better balance. To me, the main standouts in repeats from the Higley era are Dannifer, WilSon/Gabi, and Danloe to a point. Those three (two) stories seem to have just rewound and gone back to where they were before. I don't think everyone else is in the same place. I mean, EJSAMIRAFE are but that probably won't change until at least one of them is gone.
What was Gabi even doing in 2011? The last thing I remember was her breaking up with Will. I do have a feeling the other writers wanted a wabi baby, but since it never got off the ground and they incorporated MarDar's history into it, I don't really see it as a rehash. I have an idea about where Danloe is going, so that might be a repeat of the semi triangle Dannifer had going with Carly, but the introduction of Parker should shake things up.
Rehash may be the wrong term. Picking up where they left off. And they left off with her and Will sleeping together for the first time and him not feeling right about something.
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