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well, I just want to make a statement I was not being hostile to anyone I just have a particular view about repeating backstage gossip and rumor as fact and since I did not read dena's blogs that is the way it came across to me. And even if I had read her blogs it was one side of the story. I feel the same about Chrystal chappel. She is telling one side of the story for me to have accurate account I would have had to have been there or hear kristian's side of what went on. I simply came on this board because I was so happy about dool and I am loving the show right now. I curse the moment I mentioned Eileen davidson's contract because clearly it rubbed some of you all the wrong way. Let me make this clear I concede the point. Acutally I wish I had never posted at all on this subject. I try very hard in my posts not to attack anyone personally because I do not know you personally. I wish everyone on here well and I hope whatever you want from dool you get it. Soaps have been my pleasure since I was six years old and I want them to stay on television as long as possible and I will support every soap because the alernataive is crap.
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