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just watched Wed. Jan 2nd DAYS!

Brady Black is the dumbest fucking idiot of alltime on DAYS and maybe any soap. Him beating the crap out of John. ! :o :o :soapbox: :headbang: :wtf: Kristen Blake DiMera the most evil bitch of DAYS of all time! Enjoying Eileeen Davidson back as Kristen, but absoluely hating this storyline of her seduction of ol' dumbass! Hopefully this ends with Brady being killed off because he's ruined!

Also getting really sick of bigoted jerkoff Nick. IMHO Chad was right about him all along and I've now forgiven Chad. Hopefully Gabi will wake up and smell the coffee that Nick is a horrible asshole.

For the first time in months actually liked Nicole. Keep it up DAYS with Nicole. If she keeps acting like this I may warm to a Nicole & Eric re-pairing. Loving Ari Zucker's new lighter blonde do too.

Glad EJ was an afterthought with Sami, her thinking about Rafe, SWEEET. Forget the rapist, attempted murder, baby napping bastard EJ!

Please DAYS lose Brady, and Nick, ASAP. Same goes for Daniel and EJ!
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