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Did anyone else think that it was odd to release a press statement just saying that they "think" Days is going to stick around?
To me it seems more of like a warning. As in, this is a critical period for Days and you better watch, or else....
But then again, the failure of talk shows/other daytime programming and the re-emergence of AMC & OLTL does help.

It just seems convenient that Days is releasing this press statement at the same time that ratings are very low and are also nearing the renewal date.
I support Days, but if they get better writers, then I'll support it even more. For the most part Days has been difficult for me to watch since TomSell took over. There's been some highlights, but mostly just WTFery.
Rehiring Tomlin, a person that was previously fired due to bad ratings, is just mind boggling to me... :shrug:
It just all comes down to the writing. If GH can rebound, then so can Days!
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