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Jan 8 2013, 12:12 AM
Jan 7 2013, 10:59 PM
Jan 7 2013, 10:42 PM
I wonder if they're deliberately trying to downplay the Danloe chemistry to make Dannifer more appealing, just like they tried with JnJ.
Could be. Their sexual chemistry was off-the-chain HOT. And I wouldn't be surprised if TPTB deliberately stage things differently this time around in order not to showcase it. I loved Danloe back in the day.

Reminds me of Kate Walsh saying that Shonda Rhimes (writer/producer of "Grey's Anatomy") deliberately cut a lot of Derek/Addison's scenes, because Kate and Patrick Dempsey had too much chemistry and she didn't like it, lol. It would distract from her Mer/Der romance angle.
I've never been a Dan fan but I did think he had great chemistry with Chloe but today he seemed cold and dismissive. It reminded me of how Jen was to Jack when he came back. At the time I put it down to MR's acting but seeing SC act so similarly makes me wonder if it's a deliberate attempt to make Dannifer look more palateable. Your comment about cutting scenes is interesting. I could see them doing that with Dan/Chloe but it's going to make it one long boring storyline.
You could wrap Dan and Jen in prosciutto and smother them in chocolate sauce. It's too late to make them palatable.
Get them together - send them on some noble mission - and move them off screen.

There are more than enough other players on the canvas to give Chloe viable storyline - and I don't want to see the baby orangutan replace the cuteness that Parker should have developed into with his original gene pool.
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