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Loved Sami today. This may be OOC but it makes more sense to me. And I liked the brief moment with John and Marlena.

what i didn't like (and believe is TOTALLY OOC) is marlena not telling john the entire truth when they had their confrontation. Marlena has never been threatened by Kristen in that way.

Deidre was great. Drake was better than expected but this is all fake conflict. my gut tells me that j/m will be offscreen a lot (GT clearly doesn't think they are valuable to the show). Maybe before they leave john will sleep with kristen. I wouldn't be suprised by anything.

This story would have worked better if Kristen had slowly convinced all the people in Marlena's life (Sami, BRady, Eric, etc) that she had changed and that Marlena was crazy. We would ahve believed that john believed kristen too, and then we would have found out before Kristen does that j/m are working together. But that would mean the writers know these characters and care to write a j/m love story.
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