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Weighing in on this subject.

I agree with those who have said it's clear they just don't like each other and Crystal needs to move on.

What I find funny is the fact that Crystal's fans go all out on the their attack on Kristian. Some of the comments on the Michael Fairman page are brutal and they call her all manner of names but if we are to believe Crystal then the worst thing Kristian did was wanted Crystal off the show. Crystal however admitted that she was the worst behaved actor at Days in the 90s and her ego was out of control. That's certainly a lot worse than just ignoring a certain actor, yet Crystal's fans over look this and praise her for her honesty but attack Kristian.

There were two things that really stood out to me in the book.

The first one being that Crystal had said she had shown up on time, lines learned and ready to work as if this was something she should be praised for. I think that very line there sums up the whole book. Crystal has obviously been out of control at times, rumors of her lateness and showing up drunk and diva attitude have been around for years. So she thinks that when she does the "right" thing everyone should notice and give her a standing ovation. Meanwhile, actors like Kristian have been doing the right things for years. Whatever you may think of Kristian there has never been a rumor of her being late, not knowing her lines or being unprofessional on set, in fact if anything she and Peter are known for their hard work. And speaking from experience it becomes quite tiresome, quite quickly when you have to pander to people who expect to be thanked for doing what they are supposed to.

The second thing that stood out to me was when she said that two camps formed the Ken/Kristian camp and the Gary/Crystal camp. If we are to believe her book I don't understand why camps would be formed. I mean she says that she asked if everyone was on board with the storyline, again a thing I find odd. I understand maybe asking about Ken because she was so badly behaved the first time around, but why would you ask if everyone was on board with a story that you knew was only to play out for a year? Surely everyone would be on board for a story that would take a year to complete. So Carly comes in to cause problems between Bo and Hope, well that's classic soap writing and expected and then in the end Bo and Hope reconnect. Even Carbo fans knew that Carbo wasn't forever. So why if that was it and everyone involved with the storyline knew that it was for a year, would two camps form. And why if Kristian was rude to Crystal would Gary Tomlin become part of Crystal's camp? We've heard of lots of actors who didn't get along but we've never heard of two camps forming involving TPTB because of them. Unless Crystal isn't being quite truthful. Perhaps it became clear that Tomlin wanted Corday out and wanted Kristian out so that Carbo could stick around. Perhaps he got talking to Crystal and assured her that she would be the lead actress. Knowing the way some of Crystal's people act towards her, it wouldn't be far fetched to suggest that Tomlin probably told her everything she wanted to hear and she assumed that was the opinion of all. How disappointing for her then to find out that Bope were in fact getting back together, that Kristian was sticking around and that she wasn't going to get top actress billing.

Now if that was the scenario I can see two camps forming. But if it was simply a case of Kristian ignoring her and wanting her out, then makes zero sense to me.

It just amazes me that she throws in a claim that she'd heard Kristian had gone to Ken then states that she then went to Tomlin but that in her case it was fine because she was left with no choice.

I just find it all a bit odd.

It's filled with inconsistencies and this tell all book that we were promised amounts to an entire chapter dedicated to Kristian with no scandalous accusations or anything you could really be shocked by. It just sounds like sour grapes by an actor struggling to find that lead actor status and so she'll throw some mud on an actor she's clearly jealous of and hope it sticks.

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